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 Digital Opportunity through Technology & Communication Partnerships

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About dot-EDU: Improving Education
During the last decade, information and communication technology has revolutionized education worldwide, and dot-EDU is bringing these benefits to under-served populations, especially girls and women.

With USAID and local partners, dot-EDU designs ICT-based activities to strengthen and expand traditional approaches to education.

Improving Educational Materials
  • Access to information, already created materials, and lessons learned about new uses of ICT and education.
  • Tailoring pre-existing materials to local contexts, especially indigenous languages, and multi-cultural education.
  • New methods of learning and education, using multi-media and interactivity .
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Community Development through Education
  • Workforce development applications for students, adults, and out-of-school youth.
  • Lifelong learning opportunities at school-based ICT resource centers and local telecenters.
  • Teacher resource centers with media production capabilities for local community.
Building Educational Capacity
  • School-to-school communication.
  • Pre- and in-service teacher and administrator training.
  • Virtual communities of educators and teacher-to-teacher networking.
Expanding Access to Education
  • Distance learning opportunities via CD-ROM, the Internet, and broadcast media
  • ICT used to reach girls and women and other disadvantaged groups
  • Educational system promotes ICT usage by disadvantaged and under-served groups
  • Education supported in places suffering from physical isolation, civil unrest, natural disasters, and HIV/AIDS
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USAID Funding
Funding is provided by USAID's Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (Office of Energy and Information Technology, Office of Women in Development, and Human Capacity Development: Basic Education Team), Regional Bureaus, and Missions. Cooperative Agreement: GDG-A-00-01-00011-00

Lead Organization
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Resource Partners
Drawing on over 30 resource partners, including private sector companies, foundations, universities, and U.S.-based and international NGOs, dot-EDU customizes technology applications for particular countries and contexts, adapts ICT packages to supporting infrastructure, and tailors interventions to achieve USAID strategic objectives and results.

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Current Activities

Asia and Near East Europe and Eurasia Latin America and Caribbean For more information, please contact:
Stephen Tournas, dot-EDU Project Manager
Tel: +1 202 712 0154

William Wright, Program Director, dot-EDU
Tel: +1 202 572-3700

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