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 Digital Opportunity through Technology & Communication Partnerships

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About the DOT-COM Alliance

Development in the Information Age
The DOT-COM Alliance, working with United States Agency for International Development (USAID), applies the power of information and communications technology (ICT) to achieving development objectives.

The Three "dots"
The Alliance consists of three USAID funded Leader-with-Associates cooperative agreements (CAs), each with specific areas of ICT expertise:
  • dot-GOV: Promotes policy and regulatory reform to create enabling environments for ICT, including equitable use, trade in telecom services and e-commerce, and an open and secure Internet-led by Internews Network with 21 resource partners.
    Cooperative Agreement: GDG-A-00-01-00009-00

  • dot-ORG: Extends ICT access to under-served communities and accelerates the applications of development-related uses of ICT-led by the Academy of Educational Development (AED) with 63 resource partners.
    Cooperative Agreement: GDG-A-00-01-00014-00

  • dot-EDU: Strengthens education and learning systems through customized ICT interventions and content for educators, students, and professionals-led by the Education Development Center (EDC) with 35 resource partners.
    Cooperative Agreement: GDG-A-00-01-00011-00
DOT-COM activities cross all sectors, including education, economic growth, women in development, agriculture, trade, health, environment, and telecommunications/e-commerce policy.

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USAID Funding
Funding is provided by USAID's Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (Office of Energy and Information Technology and Office of Women in Development), Regional Bureaus, and Missions.

USAID has awarded three LWA cooperative agreements (dot-GOV, dot-ORG and dot-EDU) to further its use of information and communication technology (ICT) in support of development. These three awards are independent and have non-overlapping areas of responsibility; they coordinate their efforts under the banner of the DOT-COM Alliance.

Each of the DOT COM LWA awards has a prime grantee with sub grantees (called core partners) and resource partners. The prime for dot-GOV is Internews Network, for dot-ORG is AED, and for dot-EDU is EDC. Collectively, in addition to the primes, the DOT-COM Alliance represents 95 organizations as sub-grantees, subcontractors, and resource partners.

The expected value of the awards is $75,000,000 over five years: $15,000,000 of core funds; $60,000,000 of mission/regional bureau funds. These are not fixed ceilings.

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DOT-COM Resource Partners
DOT-COM's 99 resource partners include NGOs, universities, foundations, and private companies, each with specialized expertise in using ICT for development. Click here to explore the expertise of the DOT-COM Alliance Partners.

DOT-COM experts provide:
  • technical assistance,
  • policy analysis and research,
  • specialized content and applications, and
  • customized training programs.
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DOT-COM Technical Advisors
DOT-COM is proud to list the following technical experts as part of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The TAG members advise the individual CAs and the DOT-COM Alliance as a whole on programmatic and technical issues around ICT for development activities. The DOT-COM Secretariat hosts an annual TAG meeting in Washington, DC.

To read a summary of the October 22, 2002 TAG meeting, click here.

Dr. Vint Cerf
Dr. Peter Cowhey
William Kennard
Elliot E. Maxwell
Dr. Michael Nelson
Steve Cisler
Clotilde Fonseca
Dr. Nancy Hafkin
Dr. Don Richardson
Dr. Pedro Hepp
Dr. Ernesto Laval
Dr. John Mayo
Dr. Linda Roberts

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USAID Complementary Activities
The DOT-COM program complements the services of two other EGAT/EIT/IT activities also available to missions:

(1) short-term training through the U.S. Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) which provides tuition-free courses on issues in telecommunications, Internet and e-commerce and can tailor longer-term country-specific programs by special arrangement via buy-ins; and

(2) an inter-agency agreement with the Department of State which can provide experts from the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Commerce and other federal agencies and international organizations to support policy and regulatory reform.

Contact Edward Malloy () to access these services.

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For more information, please contact:

USAID/dot-GOV: Laura P. Samotshozo, dot-GOV Project Manager
Tel: +1 202-712-4562

USAID/dot-ORG: Kevin G. Hayes, dot-ORG Project Manager
Tel: +1 202 712 1356

USAID/dot-EDU: Stephen Tournas, dot-EDU Project Manager
Tel: +1 202 712 0154

Siobhan Green, Information & Dissemination Coordinator, DOT-COM Alliance
Tel: +1 202 884 8948

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