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 Digital Opportunity through Technology & Communication Partnerships

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About dot-GOV: Policy and Regulation
The establishment of legal and regulatory frameworks for telecommunications and electronic commerce will enable expanded and equitable access to information and communication technology (ICT).

Working with USAID, dot-GOV promotes pro-competitive policy and regulatory reform to enhance economic and social development and provide universal access, especially for women and geographically and socially isolated populations.

Open, Secure, and Safe Internet
As the backbone of Internet access, telecommunications systems must be widely available, affordable, and reliable. dot-GOV's approach is based on the following lessons:
  • Developing nations require open, affordable and secure Internet connections to access worldwide communication and global markets.
  • Constructive policies and regulations open the door for the equitable use of telecommunication tools.
  • Competition among providers is the most effective way to expand the scope of services.
  • Private investment is necessary to meet the accelerating demand for ICT.
  • An effective regulatory agency is needed to establish business confidence in a competitive market, and to assure universal access.
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Applying the Lessons
dot-GOV helps regulatory agencies, governments, and local partners:
  • Assess policy and regulatory barriers to telecommunications.
  • Promote transparency and predictability in business regulation.
  • Encourage private investment, competition, and equitable regulation.
  • Establish public-private sector partnerships.
  • Write laws and regulations affecting telecommunications, Internet, e-commerce and cybercrime.
  • Implement universal access and service programs.
  • Build in-country telecommunications and e-commerce training capacity.
  • Promote adherence to WTO Basic Telecom Services, IT, and e-commerce accords.
  • Develop security approaches to prevent cyber crime and protect ICT infrastructure.
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USAID Funding
Funding is provided by USAID's Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (Office of Energy and Information Technology and Office of Women in Development), Regional Bureaus, and Missions. Cooperative Agreement: GDG-A-00-01-00009-00

Lead Organization
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Resource Partners
Current Activities

Global Africa Asia and Near East Europe and Eurasia Latin America and Caribbean Tools, Documents, & Presentations
  • Romanian Information Technology Initiative - Policy Training Workshops
  • Local Loop Unbundling and Bitstream 271K PPT
  • Interconnection: Basic concepts and principles 494K PPT
  • Study Tour Agenda for MCTI 56K PDF
  • Rapid Regulatory Review on Electronic Communications in Romania 180k MSWORD
  • recent Developments in Spectrum Policy 62K PPT
  • Universal service in the Accession countries 379K PPT
  • Universal service in telecommunications: Policy, institutional and operational issues of relevance for Romania. 279K PPT
  • Key Issues in the EU Legislation 70K PPT
  • Spectrum Management: Background and Introduction 104K PPT
  • Spectrum Management: Elements of Spectrum Management 495K PPT
  • Spectrum Management: Advances in Wireless Technology 398K PPT
  • The new EU regulatory Framework 185K PPT
  • Frequency Training 5 MB PDF
  • Interconnection and Access: Workshop with ANRC 464K PPT
  • Special network access and interconnection regulation 499K PPT
Policy Reform Toolkit for E-commerce and Development Adobe PDF 343K
This toolkit, developed by a number of leading experts under leadership from the IRIS Center, University of Maryland, contains a series of methodologies that policymakers can use to gradually prioritize the options that face them as they develop a supportive policy environment for electronic commerce and development.
  • Women in Technology - Cisco Networking Academy Scholarships
  • Semi-Annual Report (PDF)

For more information, please contact:

Laura P. Samotshozo, dot-GOV Project Manager
Tel: +1 202-712-4562

Sarah Tisch, Program Director, dot-GOV
Tel: +1 202 833-5740

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