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 Digital Opportunity through Technology & Communication Partnerships
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DOT-COM Holds First Annual TAG meeting, October 22nd

Tag member, Peter Cowhey, sitting with other TAG members, answers a question from the audience.The DOT-COM Alliance held its first annual Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting on October 22nd, 2002, at the Academy for Educational Development's (AED) conference center. The purpose of the meeting was for the DOT-COM Alliance to receive programmatic and technical guidance from industry and field experts.

TAG members
Eight of the thirteen TAG members (listed below) were able to attend this year's meeting.

Dr. Vint Cerf **
Dr. Peter Cowhey
William Kennard **
Elliot E. Maxwell
Dr. Michael Nelson
Steve Cisler
Clotilde Fonseca
Dr. Nancy Hafkin
Dr. Don Richardson**
Dr. Pedro Hepp **
Dr. Ernesto Laval
Dr. John Mayo
Dr. Linda Roberts **
** Unable to attend 2002 TAG Meeting

To see TAG member's biographies,  - visit on their name or click here.

Overview of Day
George Sadowsky and Sarah Tisch present the dot-GOV activities at the TAG meetingThe morning sessions were opened by Emmy Simmons, Assistant Administrator of USAID, Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (EGAT) and Anthony Meyer, Director of Information Technology, USAID/EGAT, Office of Energy and Information Technology (EIT), after a welcome speech by Steve Moseley, CEO of AED. Before lunch, the TAG members and other participants were given presentations by the three Cooperative Agreements (dot-GOV, dot-ORG, and dot-EDU) on their strategies and activities.

The afternoon was devoted to smaller group discussions between the TAG and the DOT-COM alliance. In the first session, each TAG member gave a brief statement on what they believed was down the road for ICT for Development, followed by a discussion on the many issues raised. Final breakout groups discussed "dot" specific issues with their TAG experts and the DOT-COM Alliance staff.

A summary of the TAG meeting is currently under development, as is a compilation of the TAG member statements.

For more information, please contact
Siobhan Green, Information & Dissemination Coordinator, DOT-COM Alliance
Tel: +1 202 884 8948