Programa Para o Futuro - Weekly Update

Project Weekly Update
(6/30/03 - 7/4/03
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II. Partnership Development
Talking with IT Company Representatives
Project staff met a series of IT company representatives during this week, contacted by CDI-PE’s Activity Coordinator, Josélia Caldas. The Director from Consultech (Hardware components selling and technical assistance services firm), the Administrative Director from Business Consulting (consulting services for implementing communication infrastructures) and the IT and Quality Manager from Cerpe (clinical analysis lab network) were present to talk to CDI-PE’s Activity Coordinator, CDI-PE’s Executive
Mother Boards
Team News
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(From left) CDI-PE Activity Coordinator Josélia Caldas and Consultech’s Director Rodrigo Almeida.
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and the Project Coordinator. Initially, the purpose of these meetings were having their inputs on the young professional’s profile currently in demand by the market. These representatives gave us precious information on the situation seen daily with their technical professionals, what the needs area and the skills that should be developed for this profession. They talked about some of the technical aspects, but they all stressed the great importance of behavioral skills, such as initiative to learn new things or addressing problems without being told what to do and also the importance of being able to help users making effective use of the technology based on the overall needs of the company. Another important

(From left) Josélia, Business Consulting Director Rosana Caldas and the Program Coordinator, Tania Ogasawara.
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aspect all of them raised is the need to understand the consequences that a person's work can have since service is being constantly evaluated by internal and external customers. These visitors also emphasized the importance of an employee understanding their roles in the organizational structure of a company, so that they have a perspective of improving and growing in their careers.

(From left) CDI-PE’s Executive Coordinator Paulo Araripe, Tania, Josélia and Cerpe’s IT and Quality Manager Samuel Abreu. click to enlarge (~37 k)

III. Project Coordination
Defining the skills for the youth profile
The project staff held a series of meetings to detail the skills that would make up the youth's professional profiles. These meetings with the team, program partners and the representatives from the market helped define what an ‘entry-level’ IT technical support professional should be. In these meetings, the team revised the contents previewed by teachers and reports and applications to follow-up on activities and contents to be covered during the eight-month training period. Finally, considering the information gathered by the meetings

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with the IT company representatives and based on material from the Ministry of Education and respected writers from the Education field, the team defined a list of basic skills that youth should achieve at the end of the Program. This list of skills represents a main set of abilities and do not prevent youth from reaching further personal/professional goals or exploring a technical specific field. This list will be discussed among teachers so that it also includes their input. These definitions will be an important common reference for the youth, teachers and the team to achieve the project’s goals successfully.

IV. Obrigado! … a Nossa Equipe e suas Contribuições
Antonio Correia - Antonio Correia has finished his term as the Executive Director at Casa de Passagem and will take on new responsibilities at Casa. Antonio performed a critical role in helping Programa Para o Futuro achieve a solid beginning. He provided important inputs in decisions about the criteria and parocess for selecting youth, defining the professional profile for the youth, and clarifying youth employability issues and Brazilian law. In all this, Antonio always focused on the importance of the social aspects of our work. Antonio has a degree in psychology and has solid experience in coordinating youth social and professional inclusion programs. Antonio
provided essential contributions to our Project and helped the team become aware of the social aspects of our work, always considering the youth as the main goal of our Program and reminding us that we are not just employability facilitators but also youth development agents. The team will miss this important reference and a great friend. Thank you, Antonio! Our best wishes for your new endeavors!
Casa de Passagem’s Successor
In the last team meeting, staff had the opportunity to meet Casa de Passagem’s new Executive Director Thelma Torres. Thelma has much experience in coordinating social projects and has already started contributing to our Program, by articulating and bringing another organization to visit the training center at the Bank of Brazil and for exchanging experiences with the Program team. Welcome on board, Thelma!

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The Program Para o Futuro Project is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
and is conducted by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) and the dot-ORG program
under Cooperative Agreement No. 512-A-00-02-00017-00.