Programa Para o Futuro - Weekly Update

Weekly Project Update (06/30-07/04/2003)
I. Training Program:
Presentation on mother boards
Conducted by the Hardware teacher from CDI-PE, youth gave presentations based on what they learned about motherboards. For each presentation, the teacher made sure to ask youth questions so that they would understand all the concepts. Whenever youth had questions, she would return more questions, making them reflect, or giving similar examples
Mother Boards
Team News
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to guide them to an answer. For many of the youth, it was their first time to stand up in front of the whole class and talking to an audience. Some stood on trembling legs and some were still reading their texts, being the first step for a series of presentations planned by the Project, so that they move gradually from presenting to colleagues and teachers, to Project partners and business and organization representatives. This will give them the opportunity of improving their presentation skills and
them exposure to external audiences as they start searching for employment opportunities.

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E-Mentoring: Youth preparation and Brainstorming with partners
The five-day E-Mentoring preparation with youth conducted by the E-Mentoring Coordinator, Cida Cavalcante of Porto Digital, was concluded. Besides having discussed and worked on projects based on the understanding and expectations on the activity and their mentors, youth practiced creating email accounts, installing an instant messenger and exchanging messages, considering some basic ‘good manners’ as including the subject, signing, returning emails and also becoming aware that this will be not for personal but for professional use. All fifty youth defined which last name to be used in the Programa para o Futuro email address (as in Brazil, people usually have more than one), which will have name and last name, helping them on a professional identification not only by mentors but also among themselves.
The team held a meeting including the implementing partners, the Employability Education teacher Silvia Albuquerque and also the E-Mentoring Collaborator from our Founding Partner English School ABA, Mônica Albuquerque, to have a brainstorming on activities to be explored through this activity and any other related issues. This meeting was a first step heading to a close collaboration among the Employability teacher in the classroom, the E-Mentoring Coordinator (bridging youth to the market) and CDI-PE’s Activity Coordinator who is leading Internship related activities, so that the Program is responsive to market demands.

The Program Para o Futuro Project is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
and is conducted by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) and the dot-ORG program
under Cooperative Agreement No. 512-A-00-02-00017-00.