Cybercrime Bilateral Workshop and Official Meetings in Peru supported by dot Gov

As field support to assist with the prevention of cyber crime in developing nations, dot-GOV helped the Department of Justice with a joint APEC/DOJ workshop on “Cyber Crime Legislative Drafting Training”, held at Santa Clara near Lima, Peru 9-11 December 2004. The workshop was delivered by a team of DOJ experts from the Intellectual Property and Cyber Crimes Unit and an APEC representative from Canada.

This workshop is part of the DOJ Cyber Crime Legislation and Enforcement Capacity Building Project and the APEC e-Security Task Force. This workshop followed an Organization of American States (OAS)/APEC regional workshop the same topic during November 2004. dot-GOV also contributed to the coordination of the regional workshop to help its APEC members in the region to create specific cyber crime legislation.

The workshop was focused specifically on helping Peru advance its existing draft cyber crime law.

Twenty-three Peruvian nationals from governmental agencies, civil society and the private sector participated in the workshop. This pluralistic approach was designed as an effort to encompass as many sectoral interests as possible to encourage an effective dialogue on the cybercrime law draft.

The Peruvian Ambassador Juan Antonio Capunay, the highest raking APEC Member in Peru, opened the workshop jointly with the US Deputy Chief of Mission John Caufield. Additionally the workshop was closed by the President of the Peruvian Congress, Dr. Antero Florez-Araoz.

Discussions during the workshop focused on the nature of cyber crime; the variety of threats faced by all countries using the Internet; international conventions and efforts to legislate on issues dealing with cyber crime; and a comparative review between the European Convention on Cybercrime chapters and the corresponding existing Peruvian law that could serve as a basis to draft the Peruvian Cybercrime law.

This event was especially successful in assisting Peruvian officials understand the cyber crime issue. The workshop participants were encouraged to coordinate and reach consensus on what Peru needs and how this could be obtained through comprehensive legislation. This is particularly challenging because the Peruvian legal system is based on the Napoleonic (Roman) legal system, which includes fixed procedures to modify or introduce legislation. A number of workshop participants openly expressed their interest in follow-on activities to improve the cyber crime law draft; an informal task force was formed to work on the draft law, which will expedite the usual lengthy process of passing new legislation in Peru.

Follow-on meetings between the DOJ/APEC e-Security Task Group and Peruvian officials from the main federal agencies involved in the conceptualization of the law draft were held after the workshop during 13-15 December. Mr. Joel Schwarz, Ms. Donna Peterson, Mr. Normand Wong, Mr. Carlos Romero participated in these meetings. These meetings raised the level of awareness in the Peruvian Government of the threat poised by cyber crime, creating momentum for further action.

In addition, a meeting was held with USAID/Peru and the US Embassy/Peru to brief them on the workshop outcomes. dot-Gov continues to provide support through the distribution of workshop materials throughout Peru, and is in communication with the DOJ and USAID’s Digital Freedom Initiative to support follow up activities on preventing cyber crime in Peru.

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