All Three "dots" Work in Rwanda

Map of Rwanda - courtesy of CIAAll three DOT-COM Alliance members are working in Rwanda to help strengthen the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in government, education, and broad development through three different projects.

Each project draws on the expertise areas of Alliance member:

Telecommunications and Information Technology Sector: dot-GOV
Through the Rwanda Telecommunications and Information Technology Sector Project, the Government of Rwanda and dot-GOV are working on the utility sector transition from a state-invested monopoly to a private, market-driven, multiple provider industry. The project goal is for procedures adopted by a new Regulatory Agency to be compatible with international standards while fitting into the current constitutional framework of Rwanda and the culture of existing institutions.

Two dot-GOV partners, the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), and the JPJ Group LLC, Inc., are collaborating on project implementation and focusing on the telecommunications sector of the new regulatory Agency.

Key activities include:
  • Developing organizational and management structures, job descriptions, qualifications, staffing projections, internal by-laws, and procedures of the new regulatory agency.
  • Defining needed budgeting and funding mechanisms (immediate and long-term) to sustain the regulatory agency.
  • Planning the transition of regulatory responsibility from the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communications (MINITRACO) to the new regulatory agency.
  • Developing and reviewing key regulatory and policy strategies, including training and educational programs for the regulatory staff.

Project consultants work closely with key staff in the MINITRACO, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), the Rwanda Information Technology Authority (RITA), the Presidency, the new Regulatory Agency Task Force, and members of other relevant government agencies.
Internews was awarded the Rwanda Project on March 18, 2002 for a period of 6 months (Associate Cooperative Agreement No. 696-A-00-02-00108-00 under the dot-GOV Leader Award No. GDG-A-00-01-00009-00)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Elections and Community Access: dot-ORG
National Electoral Commission of Rwanda staff work on plans to enhance the commission through the use of ICTsThe dot-ORG ICTs for Elections and Community Access Project is divided into two main activities. The first activity focuses on helping the National Electoral Commission of Rwanda to enhance their use ICTs to manage the country's voter list.

dot-ORG will provide technical assistance, hardware, software, and staff training to support database development and management, and assist the Commission to print high-quality voter registration cards. If a private sector sponsor can be identified, dot-ORG will also carry out a pilot project to test the use PDAs or hand-held computers to improve the collection, validation, and updating of voter data in remote areas.

The other activity will focus on creating, in partnership with local entrepreneurs, Community Internet Centers (CICs) in two to four Rwandan communities. One of these centers may be established in an off-grid area without existing connectivity or electricity.

The centers will provide local residents with access to a variety of affordable resources, including Internet, computers, web page development, computer training, on-line professional development, and email, fax, phone, photocopying services. The CICs will also work with local Rwandan development organizations, NGOs, government agencies, and businesses to convert existing information and training materials into different digital formats.

AED was awarded the Rwanda Project July 3, 2002 for a period of two years (Award No. 623-G-00-02-00056-00 under the dot-ORG Leader Award No.GDG-A-00-01-00014-00.)

Teacher Professional Development and ICT Equipment Provision: dot-EDU
Under the Teacher Professional Development and ICT Equipment Provision Project, dot-EDU will work with the Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) to equip and train faculty at KIE regional distance training centers.

A dot-EDU partner, World Links, will provide support to teachers in effective approaches to using ICT for teaching girls. World Links has recently completed research on how to prioritize women and girls in their teacher training programs and how to better assist female teachers in their professional development. dot-EDU has discussed ways to make use of these findings and help promote the goals of women in development through training.

EDC was awarded the Teacher Professional Development and ICT Equipment Provision Project July 3, 2002 for a period of two years (Award No. 623-A-00-02-00064-00 under the dot-EDU Leader Award No: GDG-A-00-01-00011-00)

For More Information, Contact:
Michael Tetelman
Acting Director, dot-ORG
Academy for Educational Development
Tel: 202 884 8856

Gerald Mpyisi
Project Coordinator, dot-ORG/Rwanda
Academy for Educational Development

Paige Anderson
Project Manager, Rwanda Telecommunications and Information Technology Sector Project
Center for Democracy and Technology
Tel: +1 202 637 9800

Kit Yasin
Director, Education Development Center
Tel: (202) 572-3700

Sarah Tisch, Ph.D.
Chief-of-Party, dot-GOV
Internews Network
Tel: 202 833-5740 x 203

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