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Global Development Alliance:
Nicaragua Model School Expansion

2002 to 2004
$1.1 million

Project Manager
Home Office Project Director
Patricia Gomez
[email protected]

Kristin Brady
[email protected]

The Global Development Alliance is a public-private alliance intended to improve the quality of education worldwide. The alliances will foster both creative solutions to problems in education as well as bring $5 million, to start, in matching funds from nonfederal sources, a full 1:1 match of USAID funds with private sector funds.

The Model School Expansion in Nicaragua component of the GDA is a two-year project based on successful projects in Colombia and Guatemala, as well as the ongoing Nicaragua BASE II project. This project address Nicaragua’s low enrollment and high drop-out rates in rural areas and features interventions to improve classroom methodologies in the primary grades.

Components of the Model School approach include:
A system of teachers-as-learning-facilitators
Individually paced and self-managed learning
Small group and peer directed study
Classroom learning centers organized by subject areas
Active learning
Democratic student government
Active parent and community participation in support of local school quality
This project will expand the Model School approach to 136 schools, providing equipment and supplies, school infrastructure improvements as necessary, and training and technical assistance.

Matching funds of $1.2 million for this project have been provided by the American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua and the American Nicaraguan Foundation.

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