Our Strategies And Methods
We listen to and support families, teachers, school directors, communities, and local organizations that are seeking to improve the lives of their children through education.
We develop programs that make learning possible for all children no matter how remote the location or how poor the community.
We build our programs on the lessons of previous experience, and we maintain a learning network among our programs worldwide.
Project Highlights
Improving Primary Schools
Basic Education I & II Projects
Monitoring Primary Schools

Strengthening Education Capacity

The AED Global Education Center strengthens the capacities of all education stakeholders in four key areas:

Promoting school improvement
Strengthening capacities of the whole school team: director, teachers, students, and parents along with local administrators
Promoting teacher development – integrating pre-service and in-service elements and focusing on site-based programs of teacher professionalization
Emphasizing student-centered learning and assessment
Involving communities in schools
Strengthening the capacities of education systems
Developing instructional materials
Introducing education technology and distance learning
Undertaking monitoring and evaluation
Providing accurate and timely information for decision- and policy-making
Supporting decentralized management
Broadening educational options
Promoting and safeguarding educational opportunities for girls and women
Introducing critical topics to the curriculum: HIV/AIDS, democratization, and environmental awareness
Developing alternative education programs for out-of-school youth, including youth gangs
Supporting secondary school expansion and school-to-work programs
Providing education in crisis and emergency situations
Building partnerships with
National- and local-level policy makers in education, finance, and planning
Professional educators, school directors, teachers
Local organizations, community members, parents and students
Private sector businesses and foundations