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Improving Primary Schools
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Excellence in Classroom Education at the Local Level (EXCELL)

El Salvador
2003 to 2007
$3.7 million

Chief of Party
Project Director
Felix Alvarado
[email protected]

Elizabeth Leu
[email protected]

Excellence in Classroom Education at the Local Level (EXCELL) is designed to address priority needs for education in El Salvador and to improve student performance in 250 rural schools. Through this initiative, USAID will assist the Ministry of Education to:
Improve its ability to implement educational policy
Improve the effectiveness of school principals to manage schools and improve instructional practices
Enhance analytical capacity in educational research.
EXCELL is an EQUIP 1 project.

EXCELL has three components:
Strengthen Ministry of Education’s capacity to improve decentralized school management, modify and implement educational reforms
Improve student achievement in at least 250 rural schools, K-6, through training and technical assistance to school principals
Educational policy research

Proposed activities include:
Training for principals to strengthen their capacity to educational management and resource mobilization
Development of instruments that can be used in enhancing quality of education at the school and classroom levels

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