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Global Development Alliance:
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2003 to 2005
  $2.65 million


The Global Development Alliance is a public-private alliance intended to improve the quality of education worldwide. The alliances will foster both creative solutions to problems in education as well as bring $5 million, to start, in matching funds from nonfederal sources, a full 1:1 match of USAID funds with private sector funds.

The Global Learning Portal Network (GLPNet) is a free and easy-to-use site built for educators from around the world to access exemplary educational resources and services as part of the effort to improve global education and support the “Education for All” initiatives. This two-year project is designed to demonstrate the impact that a Web Portal can have on helping countries improve education. This project seeks to address at least some of the information, professional development and collaborative learning needs of educators in rural and resource poor areas of the world. It will show successful efforts, demonstrate lessons learned, and encourage South/South dialog as part of its user driven approach.

GLPNet is designed for teachers, teacher trainers, principals, curriculum developers and policy makers from rural and resource poor areas of the world. By joining the GLP Network, educators can participate in online community building and knowledge sharing. GLPNet provides educators with space to store and share resources, establish and participate in learning communities, and record thoughts , ideas, challenges and perspectives about teaching and learning.

GLPNet is in the process of establishing educational content partnerships in pilot countries to help populate and enrich the site. Potential pilot countries include Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Morocco, South Africa, Uganda and the United States. During the initial phase, GLPNet plans to locate educational content, materials, and curriculum in Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, and (potentially) Arabic.

The formal launch of GLPNet will be in fall 2003, at the beginning of the Academic Term.

The first GLPNet Web-based seminar took place in April 2003 and addressed the issue of “Educating Girls for Success”. This seminar brought together educators from Lebanon, Uganda, and Argentina to discuss gender equity in the classroom. This discussion was moderated by Uzma Anzar of AED’s gender equity group.