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Education Quality improvement Program 3: The Youth Trust Project (EQUIP 3)

2003 —
AED Education Specialists:
Carmen Siri
[email protected]
Ivan Charner
[email protected]


EQUIP 3 is one of three separate but related Leader with Associates Cooperative Agreements under the umbrella heading Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP). EQUIP3, the USAID sponsored Leader with Associate Award now known as the Youth Trust Project, was awarded in early May 2003. This Project focuses on developing creative educational and school-to-work strategies, particularly for out-of-school youth, which in many developing countries is a population larger than that of youth in the schools. AED is one of the three Core Partner Institutions working with the Educational Development Center (EDC), the Lead Organization for EQUIP3. Nine additional Associate Organizations also participate in EQUIP3.

The Objectives of EQUIP 3 are:
Enhancing the quality of life for out-of-school youth
Increasing youth's contribution to development
Strengthening the capacity of organizations to design, implement, and evaluate effective youth policies and programs
Advancing the state-of-the-art of what works in youth programs in developing countries
Enhancing the youth policy and programming capability of USAID and other donors