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Education Quality improvement Program 1:
Bringing Educational Quality through Classrooms, Schools, and Communities (EQUIP 1)

2003 —
AED Education Specialist:
Elizabeth Leu
[email protected]


EQUIP 1 is a multi-faceted program designed to raise the quality of classroom teaching and the level of student learning by effecting school-level changes. The focus on improvements at the school and classroom level of EQUIP 1 complements and supports activities in the other EQUIP projects, which address improvements at the policy and systems levels (EQUIP 2) and issues related to youth and employment (EQUIP 3). The lead organization responsible for implementing EQUIP 1 is the American Institutes for Research. They are joined in this venture by fourteen partner organizations including AED.

EQUIP 1 serves all levels of education from early childhood development for school readiness, to primary and secondary education, adult basic education, pre-vocational training, and the provision of life-skills. EQUIP 1 works with food for education issues and contributes to the provision of education and training in crisis and post-crisis environments.

EQUIP 1 activities include:
Teacher support in course content and instructional practices
Principal support for teacher performance
Community involvement for improving school management and infrastructure
Student learning assessment
Content and curriculum reform
Pre- and in-service teacher training
Professional standards, supervision and support