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South Africa Education and Training Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC)

South Africa
2000 to 2005
USAID/South Africa
$2.26 million

Chief of Party
Home Office Project Coordinator
Phil Christenson
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Ken Rhodes
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The South Africa Education Indefinite Quantity Contract was established so that USAID can provide technical assistance and management/logistics support to the South African Department of Education, South African universities, and South African NGOs.

This project builds on the ABEL 1 & 2 South Africa projects conducted over the previous 10 years. In order to meet the multi-faceted education needs of South Africa, AED has assembled a diverse group of sub-contractors and South African collaborating partners. Among these partners are Ebony Consulting International (ECI), a South African based consulting firm, National Business Initiatives (NBI), a local South African NGO, as well as other local South African NGOS, private companies, and South African universities.

Two Educator Exchange Programs have been completed. These exchanges allowed teachers from South Africa and the United States to exchange ideas and experiences related to the struggles that both face in providing quality education to students from disadvantaged families. Most, if not all, of the participants rated the exchange program as “excellent.” Many teachers stated their intention of keeping in touch with the progress of their respective counterparts.
This project provided for a mid-term evaluation of the Tertiary Education Linkages Project (TELP), a USAID funded project aimed at improving the quality of education at 15 historically disadvantaged universities in South Africa. In response, AED fielded a two-person core evaluation plus three short-term consultants. The evaluation focused on the project’s progress toward achieving its goals, its successes and failures, and its strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation proceeded in three stages: a planning phase, a pilot phase and the full evaluation phase over a six month period. Initial feedback from USAID, the Department of Education, University Leaders and the contractors for the project led by the United Negro College Fund, was that the team’s evaluation was fair and constructive.
An Education Planner in the Northern Province has just completed a three-year project designed to improve the Northern Province Department of Education’s (NPDOE) Education Management Information System (EMIS). The Education Planner assisted in designing new or improving existing systems to provide more accurate and timely information to help the NPDOE improve their planning and decision making practices.
Complementing the work of the Planner, the project placed a Human Resources Management Specialist through ECI in the Northern Province Department of Education for two years. This specialist assisted the senior department officials in a host of tasks involved in the rationalization and restructuring of the NPDOE.
This project also funded the procurement of equipment and supplies for educator resource centers in four provinces: Eastern Cape, KZN, Northern Cape, and Northern Province. This work builds on an initial needs assessment (conducted by two AED consultants fielded under an earlier contract), followed by extensive discussions between the Mission and the provinces themselves.
The project is currently completing an 18 month, U.S. $1.3 million project of 12 school management modules, and is training school inspectors throughout KZN Province to provide training and technical assistance to Senor Managers at over 6,000 schools in the Province. AED works with NBI, the University of Durban, MIBT (a local NGO), MML (a private publishing firm), and Durban Institute of Technology (DIT) in this major effort.

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