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National Implementation for District Education Plans (NIDEP) Phase II

2003 to 2005
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

AED Education Specialist:
Joseph Cohen
[email protected]


The National Implementation Program for District Education Plans (NIPDEP) is regarded as Phase II of the micro-planning component of the National School Mapping and Micro-Planning Project (2000 to 2002). During the implementation of the micro-planning component, several training workshops were conducted, where the District Education Plans (DEPs) were prepared by the district education officers, district governmental officers, and the community leaders. The DEPs drafted during the workshops were well accepted by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST).

With the completion of the micro-planning component, it is expected that a sustainable system to utilize, update and implement the DEPs will be established. To realize the more effective and quality education services improved through the DEPs implementation, institutional strengthening and capacity building of the central and the local education administration is essential and the preparation of the National District Education Development Plan is strongly required.

AED is providing two consultants for the NIPDEP Project. NIPDEP will continue to focus on capacity building of the central and the local education administration offices and staff members, which have been strengthened since the Phase I project, through collaborative works by the Government of Malawi, the JICA Project Team, JICA, the other international development partners and concerned NGOs.

NIPDEP aims to contribute to qualitative and quantitative improvement of primary and secondary education in the Republic of Malawi via the following objectives:
Strengthen implementation of the District Education Plans (DEPs), which were prepared during the Phase I of the project
Build capacity in planning and implementation of the DEPs of the central and local education officers in the context of the government decentralization policy
  Formulate the National District Education Development Plan based on the Policy Investment Framework, Sector Development Plan and the DEPs.

Planned activities include:
Implementation of pilot projects in six pilot districts
Training of the central and the local education officers in reviewing and updating of DEPs and in financial management in six pilot districts
Formulation of the National District Education Development Plan
Updating of DEPs in all 33 education districts

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