Project Highlights
Improving Primary Schools
Basic Education I & II Projects
Monitoring Primary Schools
Djibouti Education Program

2003 to 2006
$5.2 million

Chief of Party
Program Director
Steve Dorsey
[email protected]
Elizabeth Leu
[email protected]

The Djibouti education program will contribute significantly to meeting the growing demand for quantity and quality of basic education in grades 1 through 12. A three-year program is being designed based on three Intermediate Results: Increased Access to Basic Education, Improved Quality of Teaching and Learning, and Increased Opportunities for Girls’ Education.

The program will be designed and implemented in a highly collaborative manner with the Government of Djibouti, the Ministry of Education, and USAID to ensure that it supports the priority objectives of all three. This will be the first USAID program in Djibouti. This project is part of EQUIP 1.

The design and implementation of the Djibouti education program will be focused on achieving the goals of USAID’s Djibouti Education Program Strategic Objective and three Intermediate Results. Goals of the design and implementation phases include:
Designing a program that is flexible and scalable
Building synergy among program approaches and activities
Establishing multiple partnerships
Mobilizing communities in support of education and equity
Highlighting and integrating critical issues
Using technology and multimedia approaches as appropriate

Several tasks will commence during the Start-up Phase of the program between June and October 2003. In late June, the Chief of Party will initiate one or several programmatic activities that will signal the start of the program in Djibouti. Some possible activities include:
Rehabilitation of several schools and rehabilitation of school water and sanitation facilities
Inventory of computer equipment and supplies needed to support the education system