Balunga Ruth, Kibuli PTC, Uganda
Ms. Balunga Ruth , Tutor Kibuli Primary Teacher Colleges, UGANDA
Ms. Balunga Ruth , Tutor Kibuli Primary Teacher Colleges, UGANDA
It is not long after the computer lab has been introduced in our college, but I feel it is a great formative period for me. At first I felt that I will never be able to learn the computer for the reason that I am a busy woman who rarely gets the time to dedicate to the computers.

The first time I held the mouse, I could not move it properly to click in the right place. Whatever the computer trainer told me was a nightmare. I also assumed that is for the young generation. Waw! I do not know where I gained the confidence and started going to the computer for every little time I could get and Alas! What a great achievement I have had! I can now open any given program, type and process documents using the command menus. I can access the Internet to mention but a few. Above all, I can search for information on the internet for my reading research and for use in class as student notes. I use the research material to enrich all my class notes.
Uganda - Connect-ED Phase II Connect-ED Phase II aims to build on the infrastructure established in Phase I with a central focus on sustainability and a long-term information and communication technologies (ICT) strategy for KyU and the colleges.

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