Manoj Kumar , Ranchi , Jharkhand , India
Manoj Kumar, from Ranchi (India)
Manoj Kumar, from Ranchi (India)

I am Manoj Kumar, from Ranchi, a semi urban town located in a south eastern state of Jharkhand in India. Immediately after finishing my graduation I did a course in Desk top publication and started working in a private press. My job profile with the press revolved around awfully repetitive work of data entry and other page-making processes. I was always fascinated by computers and other ICT equipment like digital cameras, camcorders and use of internet, but I was not getting access to all these which was really pulling me down.

When I came to know about the objectives of C. 4 [Content Creation, Culture, Creativity, and Critical Thinking] project of AED implemented by a local NGO ASSERT I approached them with my resume. They invited me to join their team during one of the workshop where primary school teachers were learning to use digital camera. Along with the teachers I also learnt to use the digital camera and camcorder. After coming back from the workshop I got hands on exposure on downloading these photos/videos on the computers and also preparing illustrative documentation of the workshop.

This is like a dream come true for me, now I feel that finally I have started doing something in life which I always wanted to do. I am so excited to be on this project as I am getting to interact with senior experts in the area of ICT and multimedia technology. We are in process of developing interactive multimedia CDs for the children to make learning of environmental studies a joyful experience. Thus along with satisfying my own urge to make ICT an important part of my life I will also be contributing in a big way to improve quality of teaching learning in rural primary schools.
India - Technology Tools for Teaching & Training in India (Project T4) This project develops Information and Communication Technology based tools to improve quality of primary education and ensure better access to the same, with special focus on girls and other vulnerable populations. It is being implemented in the states of Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand in Inida.

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