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Project Activities for July 28 - August 1, 2003: Page 2
II. Project Coordination
NEW Project Web Site Launched:
The Programa Para o Futuro team is pleased to announce the formal launch of the project’s new web site As with many project web. sites, our site provides information about project goals, objectives, activities, partners and achievements. However, the web site goes far beyond these basic services by being an integral part of the project’s instructional program. Youth are using the web site to learn to use a variety of web-based tools and develop new skills. One of the first instructional uses of the site is to enable the youth to publish their personal profiles. Each youth uses an innovative on-line web editor to directly publish information about themselves on the web site. As described above they are now working to create smaller English versions of their profiles. The youth will also maintain an on-line journal

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where they share their thoughts about their lives and the project, describe what they are learning, their e-Mentoring activities and their future and career goals. They will also create and maintain an Information Technology FAQ, an on-line technical words glossary, and a Bank-of-Links for IT related web sites. The project’s staff are also using the web site to improve their skills and share information. Soon, the site, through the Brazil Connect section will provide space for youth employability projects around Brazil to share information about their projects.

Because the site is an integral part of the project, we are launching it now even though some sections are still being developed. So, when you visit, please excuse parts that my not yet be complete or not completely translated to Portuguese or English. Also, some sections of the site are part of the instructional program and have not yet started to be used. We encourage you to visit our new site and send us feedback if you notice errors and have suggestions for improving it.

Internship agenda and action plan
After meeting with the Program staff and the Employability teacher, CDI-PE’s Activity Coordinator, Josélia Caldas, and the Program Coordinator, Tania Ogasawara, drafted an time line (see below) and an action plan to prepare for the internship phase of the project. Both brainstorming activities were needed to prepare for the eventual job placement activities and to identify ways that the Employability teacher and E-Mentoring Coordinator could integrate internship and job placement activities into their work. One next step is for CDI-PE’s Activity

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Coordinator and the Program Coordinator to contact official organizations that intermediate between businesses and interns, specific companies and IT-related companies and organize presentations for the public to introduce the internship program. They also raised the need of previewing the youth profile in 1 or 2 years, stressing the importance of the continuous studies, so that the Program can contribute to sustaining the careers of project graduates.

III. A Thank You! … to our staff and their contributions
Laene Freitas (Social Assistant – Casa de Passagem)
Laene, the project new Social Assistant, came on board during the second month of training. She is effectively managing the big challenge of knowing each of the Project’s 50 youth, becoming familiar with the complex structure of the Program and quickly integrating into the Pedagogical team. She promptly talked to the Program staff, read all the existent documentation about the Program and the youth and also talked to each of the students to know more about them. Laene also conducted the second family group meeting at the Bank of Brazil and now is meeting each family representative individually. She quickly set trust on her relationships with youth and their families, allowing the Program to count on the important participation and

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involvement of the families to reach success with the youth. Laene has excellent interaction and communication skills with Program staff, facilitating the link of the Program coordination with the youth and their families. Thank you, Laene!

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Zoracy Guerra (Gender Specialist – Casa de Passagem)
Zoracy, the Project’s Gender Specialist, has been contributing to the Program from the very start. With the former Executive Coordinator of Casa de Passagem, she has represented the organization at important Program meetings and events and works closely with all project staff. She had performed essential roles during the youth selection process, mainly on the last and critical phase of interviews and group activities. She was in charge of hiring the two psychologists and presenting them the youth profile envisioned by the Program, after articulating it with the whole team. She also has developed and conducted a series of Gender Perspective activities with teachers and Program coordination staff members, helping them identify gender-related situations among youth and among themselves in the professional and social environments. She is now planning to start these activities directly with youth, where she will explore topics related to gender and roles and work. Thank you, Zoracy

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