Programa Para o Futuro: Perfis de Equipe
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 Eric Rusten
The Academy for Educational Development,
The dot-ORG Project
 Washington, D.C, USA

I am a senior program officer at the Academy for Educational Development (AED) where I am the deputy director for the dot-ORG project. As part of the dot-ORG, I am the director for the USAID/Brazil-funded project focusing on IT training for disadvantaged youth that will lead to employability. Before joining the dot-ORG, I

was a staff member of AED’s LearnLink project where I was the Director of the US/Brazil Learning Technologies Network (LTNet). Previous to joining AED, I development and managed Internet-based distance learning programs at The Laurasian Institution. I also started and ran my own IT consulting company. From 1989 to 1996, I worked for the Ford Foundation, where I help design and projects in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya from 1974 through 1977. I received my Ph.D. in forestry from Michigan State University, my Masters degree in Technology and Human Affairs from Washington University and a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Eastern Michigan University.

I have been married for 25 years and I have two children. My son, Jason, is 21 and a senior in college at
Washington University. Jason is studying political science and Chinese language. My daughter, Maya, is 14 and a sophomore in high school. My wife is from Nepal, a small mountainous country in Asia

I do not have very many hobbies since my work takes most of my time. I enjoy reading science fiction and one of my favorite authors is Orson Scott Card.  I enjoy keeping tropical fish and I collect coins from Nepal and Tibet. I also enjoy working and playing with computers. I like to learn new things and challenge my mind. Even though I have never had any formal training in the computer and Internet filed, I now work full time in this area. I also developed the Programa Para o Futuro web site.  If I had more free time, I would like to spend time restoring a classic car that I have owned since I was 20. I would also like to have the time to return to building things with wood.

One of my favorite quotes is "Carpe Diem" or Seize the day!  I also like, "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained! One of my heroes is Thomas Jefferson.  I enjoy music by the Beatles and Steely Dan.

O Programa Para o Futuro é financiado pela Missão da
Agência Norte-Americana para o Desenvolvimento Internacional (USAID) e
administrado pela Academia para o Desenvolvimento da Educação (AED) e projeto dot-ORG
sob o Acordo de Cooperação #512-A-00-02-00017-00.