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Typical VCRs use 20–25 W in operation, up to 45 W maximum and 7-8 W in standby mode. Combination VCR/DVD players have similar power consumption rates. DVD players tend to be slightly lower, in the range of 10-15 W with power on and 1-5 W in standby. VCRs that meet U.S. Energy Star guidelines consume no more than 4 W while in standby mode. However, all VCRs have internal clocks that consume energy all the time while they are connected. If the clock does not perform any critical functions, the VCR can be disconnected when not in use.

The best way to care for a VCR is to keep the tapes free of dust and humidity. This prevents the heads of the VCR from getting dirty in a short period of time. A head-cleaning cassette can also be used periodically.

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