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Step 1: Identify Your ICT Needs

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Your project's needs assessment will have gathered information about the types of ICT-related services that the community needs/wants. These ICT-related services translate into specific ICT equipment. List all ICT equipment required for your project. At this point you will need to list all types of ICT equipment that you are considering. You should list everything that will require power, including lights.


This is the first data input table that you will find in the Decision Making Support Tool.

The information already in the table is there for illustrative purposes only. You will need to delete it or type over it.

You will need to list all ICT equipment that you would like to consider for your analysis and for comparison purposes.

Related Resources within the Toolkit:

To help you identify the types of computers, monitors and other equipment that you might want to consider, review the ICT Options section in THE BASICs and learn more about computer application requirements.

Consider issues related to donated computers.

The ICT Bundles table allows you to identify different ICT configurations and to compare them within the same tool. The example in the table to the left would allow a comparison of a laptop configuration (Bundle 1), a desktop + CRT monitor configuration (Bundle 2) and a desktop + LCD monitor configuration (Bundle 3).

Of course, you would want to add any additional equipment that consumes electricity.
In this example, installation costs are estimated to be the same for all three bundles. Operation & Maintenance costs are estimated at 10% of initial capital costs; and will be calculated for a period of 3 years. The calculations assume that the equipment will be operational 300 days out of the year.

In the tool itself, all these green data input cells will be empty and will need to be filled with your own data.

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  • MSSRF Village - India: In-depth participatory needs assessment.

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