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Decision Support Tools - Technical Use

The main Decision Support Tools are designed to help you calculate costs of various alternative configurations of ICT equipment and energy solutions. These tools allow you to enter data specific to your own activity in order to estimate the costs of various alternative configurations of ICT equipment and energy solutions.

Excel File
Web Interface
Decision-making Support Tools
(Excel version recommended)
Full set of calculations, from ICT equipment selection to final analysis of ICT & energy options

Battery Solution

Battery Sizing Tool
Energy Consumption
Detailed Calculations
Measurement Tool

An Overview of the Steps in the Process

This "TOOLS section" guides you through a step-by-step approach facilitating decision-making. Here is a quick overview of the STEPS in the process and the specific spreadsheet tools presented in this section:

Identify your ICT requirements based on your specific project objectives.
Specify one or more "bundles" of ICT equipment. This will allow you to compare the initial costs associated with different "bundles" of ICT equipment as well as the total costs (including operation and maintenance over 3 years).

Calculate the energy demand associated with the ICT equipment bundles you have specified in STEP 1. There are several ways to calculate the total energy demand associated with a specific bundle of ICT equipment. The most accurate method involves actual measurements of the power consumption of the equipment being considered under key conditions (sleep and active mode) and the number of hours of operation in sleep and active modes. A faster method involves averaging and estimating both the power consumption (based on the equipment's power rating), and the number of hours of operation.

Here is a tool to facilitate detailed calculations with power consumption under sleep mode and active mode: Power Consumption - Detailed Calculations.


Identify energy options that could satisfy the energy demand calculated in STEP 2.

Calculate the appropriate size of the tentative energy options as well as the costs associated with these options.

Compare the total costs of all the options, adding ICT equipment costs, installation costs, energy option capital costs and operation and maintenance costs.

Analyze your alternatives based on costs AND other criteria, such as social acceptance, environmental impact, etc...

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Steps 1-5 in comparing costs for various ICT options and energy options