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World Links

Founded in 1997, World Links is a Washington, DC-based international non-profit organization that improves educational outcomes, economic opportunities, and global understanding for youth in developing countries through the use of technology and the internet. With programs in over 1,000 schools in over 22 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America, World Links was recently voted by the World Economic Forum's membership as the number one educational program bridging the global digital divide, out of 75 programs evaluated. World Links was also a Finalist in the 2001 and 2002 Stockholm Challenge competitions, sponsored by the King of Sweden, as one of the world's most innovative information technology programs.

To complement its efforts at integrating technology into classrooms, World Links offers a set of education technology consulting and contracting services, specifically geared towards ministries of education, non-governmental organizations and international development agencies working in developing countries. These services, under the World Links Education Technology Professional Services (ETPS) umbrella, range from feasibility services and basic school connectivity solutions (including community learning centers), to teacher professional development using technology-enhanced modules. World Links also provides training and consulting to both policy-makers and local communities interested in launching educational technology initiatives, including curriculum development and information technology project planning.

Furthermore, through World Links’ vast network of consultants and strategic partners, World Links is able to offer national ministries of education and development agencies with end-to-end education advisory services, including ICT-enhanced curriculum development, education policy, literacy, and capacity building. Finally, World Links leverages its expertise in program evaluation by offering monitoring and evaluation services to organizations that have implemented education technology initiatives.

Organization Type:

DOT: dot-ORG dot-EDU

Web Site:

Additional Information:

For more information on working with World Links:
Jeff Cochrane, dot-ORG CTO
Email: Tel: +1 202 712-1956

Academy for Educational Development
Siobhan Green, Information and Dissemination Coordinator
Email: Tel: +1 202 884-8948
Stephen Tournas, dot-EDU CTO
Email: Tel: +1 202 712-0154

Education Development Center
William Wright, Program Director
Email: Tel: +1 202 572-3700

World Links
1211 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 406
United States

Phone: 202-462-9234
Fax: 202-462-9736

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Institutional Capacities:


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