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Welcome to the first issue of our e-newsletter, DOT-COMments, a quarterly review of the recent accomplishments and activities of the DOT-COM Alliance.

Information and communication technology (ICT) brings unprecedented opportunities for instant communication, local and global networking, and information access. The DOT-COM Alliance is a collaboration of USAID programs worldwide and DOT-COM's 75 resource partners. DOT-COM is harnessing these opportunities to benefit the disadvantaged and to expand social and economic development around the world.

DOT-COM is composed of three related cooperative agreements, dot-GOV, dot-ORG, and dot-EDU, each with its own focus on different ICT strategies.

In this issue, you can read about how dot-GOV and dot-ORG, through the Romania Information Technology Initiative (RITI), are addressing the major barriers facing ICT expansion in Romania, focusing on policy and regulation reform, increasing user level access, and developing e-commerce and e-government services.

All three dots are in Rwanda working to strengthen government, education and economic development. dot-GOV is providing technical assistance for the privatization of telecommunications sector. dot-ORG is working with the Rwandan National Electoral Commission to strengthen the national voter database and data collection. And dot-EDU and the Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) are supporting distance learning for teacher professional development.

dot-GOV is working with NetTel@frica, a five year program to establish an African-led network for capacity building and knowledge exchange among telecommunication regulator associations in Africa. Five different pilot projects have also been developed by dot-GOV to offer technical assistance to a variety of governments.

dot-ORG is strengthening Moroccan women's political participation by introducing them to digital networking tools, which can increase their political skills, advocacy, and ability to serve their constituencies.

Strengthening multilingual education in Guatemala using ICT is the purpose of dot-EDU's follow on project to Proyecto Enlace Quiché.

These are just a few examples of what you will find in the DOT-COMments e-newsletter. For more background information about the DOT-COM Alliance or each of the dots, I invite you to explore the rest of the DOT-COM Alliance website. We will also be adding more documents, articles, publications, and relevant links, which will be announced in upcoming issues.

Welcome again to the DOT-COM Alliance newsletter!

Tony Meyer, Director

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