Dennis Mwandingi, Namibia
Dennis Mwandingi lives in NAMIBIA and works for NIED.
Dennis Mwandingi lives in NAMIBIA and works for NIED.
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Hi, my name is Dennis Mwandingi, I am 27 years old and I got my start working with computers for the Ministry of Education in Namibia during the early LearnLink days in 2000. My skills have come very far, I've grown strong, and I have learned a great deal. I worked in the library where there were only four computers that were mainly used by the local teachers and student teachers from the nearby College of Education. We were always having problems with the computers breaking down and we did not have local PC technicians to repair them. With the basic knowledge of computers that I had, I was forced to fiddle around and sometimes get them to work. It has primarily been through trial and error that I gained experience and my interest grew in computers. A year passed by as I alone struggled to give PC support to fellow staff members at the center. Then the USAID funded LearnLink project came along and I was offered training as part of a larger team to support the person who was to run the future computer lab. Since LearnLink ended, and dot-EDU has begun, I have been giving support to the four computer labs/teacher resource centers, teacher and student labs at the colleges, and regional education offices in the north. In addition, I have also become skilled in setting up local area networks to share printers and an Internet connection for the education offices, and teacher computer labs. The most number of computers and offices I have connected so far is at a site in Swakopmund where there are 18 offices and 23 computers. I am constantly on the road in this country helping with the network setup and overall computer maintenance.
Namibia - Initiative for Namibian Education Technology (iNET) The Initiative for Namibian Education Technology (iNET) supports the Ministry of Basic Education, Sport and Culture (MBESC) in the establishment of physical, online, and human resources within the Ministry, as well as policy development in relation to ICT, education, and training.

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