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1. Small Wind Tutorial Workshop from Village Power 2000 Conference

2. Wind resource data

Wind power resource data can be found on many websites.

Country Organization URL / source
International National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) See instructions below.

Armenia, China, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Philippines U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Web page with links to wind resource data for countries listed at left.
Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam World Bank Wind Energy Resource Atlas of South Asia
India Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
Various Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA) A Global Environment Facility cofinanced, UNEP-lead project, SWERA is developing information tools for energy planners and project developers, including regional and national maps of solar and wind energy resources.


How to Access International Wind Resource Data From NOAA

1. Go to
2. Click on “Get/View Data”
3. Scroll down to the “CLIMVIS” (Climate Visualization) link and click.
4. Click on “Global Summary of the Day (12 Weather Elements)” Time Series link
5. Click “I Agree” to the NOAA Res 40 terms
6. Select “one parameter for specified time frame” and select region from map.
7. Select country
8. Select data collection station
9. Select “mean wind speed” parameter
10. Select a range of one year
11. Click “Submit Graph Values”
12. After graph has downloaded, click “download data file”
13. Cut and paste data into spreadsheet to compile into monthly averages (paste as unicode text in MS Excel)

Source: Bergey Wind Power (

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American Wind Energy Association - Small Wind Systems Section


UNEP, Energy Technology Fact Sheet: Wind Power


Energy Alternatives - Wind (web site)

Small Wind Systems Tutorial (Mike Bergey, Village Power Conference Workshop, 2000.)