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The Community Learning and Information Center (CLIC) in Bougoula is one of 13 CLICs established by the dot-ORG project funded by USAID under the DOT-COM Alliance Initiative. Out of the thirteen CLICs, two have faced significant energy challenges. The first one, in Ouellessebougou, is handicapped by a very unstable grid power supply that forces the manager to close down on a regular basis. The second one, in Bougoula, was established off-grid and initially started out with a generator solution. With time, this solution has been improved upon.

  Bougoula is a rural community or 9,220 inhabitants spread across 11 villages, some of which are 17 km away from the CLIC.


A multifunctional platform was installed. This solution results in lower fuel consumption and allows batteries to be charged at the same time. The charged batteries are used by the community to power small electrical appliances. A small fee is charged, resulting in additional revenues for the telecenter.