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How do I navigate the site?
There are a number of complementary navigation options:
1) The tree-style table of contents in the left column is most useful to give you a clear idea of the structure of the site and organization of pages; Tips for navigating through the tree-style table of contents.
2 ) The conceptual map;
3 ) The breadcrumbs, which allow you to quickly see where you are in the toolkit's structure.
4 ) Links within the text, which will take you either to a) pages that open in a new window and can be closed without exiting the toolkit; b) other pages within the toolkit; c) web sites outside the toolkit. Links to external sites will always open in a new window.

Do I need Excel to use the tools? What are the differences between the Excel tools and the interactive web tools?
Excel (or knowledge of Excel) is not required. The calculation tools are provided in two formats: Excel and interactive web tools. If you use the Excel tools, you will be able to save the Excel files, manipulate them, make changes adapt them to your own needs. If you use the interactive web tools, you will be able to print your work but not to save your work.

Where do I start?
The answer depends on how much you already know about ICT hardware and energy options, and on what you are looking for in this toolkit.

If you are an energy expert and have little prior knowledge of information and communication technologies and their applications for development, you may want to start with the Hardware Options section. Conversely, if you are an ICT expert with little prior knowledge of energy systems for off-grid and remote areas, you may want to start with the Energy Options section. If you are a practitioner who already works in this field, you may want to skip THE BASICS section entirely and go directly to the TOOLS. Wherever you start, you will always find links bringing you back to information in other sections of the toolkit that may help you along the way.

How do I use the quizzes?

The quizzes are meant to be fun and to reinforce key concepts. All questions are multiple choice. Select an answer, then move to the next question until you reach the bottom of the page. Click on the "Submit" button and some feedback will appear to the right of the questions, letting you know which questions you have answered correctly and providing additional information for each question.

Does this toolkit apply only to small scale projects?

The energy solutions discussed in THE BASICS are specifically relevant to small scale projects in locations where electricity is either inexistant or unreliable. The main decision support tool, however, can be used and adapted for projects of any scale. It can also be used to analyze ICT equipment and energy costs in grid-connected areas.

Why do I have to scroll horizontally to read the full page?

The toolkit is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1124 x 768. You can adjust your computer's settings to correct this problem. In Window's Settings Menu, enter Controls, then Display, and finally, "Settings". You will be able to change the screen resolution to match 1124 x 768.

How do I use the tree-style table of content effectively for navigation?

Clicking on the plus sign[ ]will expand a section
and show a list of links to all the pages contained in that section.

Clicking on the page's name will open that page corresponding to that name in the main text frame.


The bottom navigation links allow you to 1) expand all sections; 2) collapse all sections; 3) go back to the home page; 4) go to the navigation map.